Henderson Island appeal

In 2011 we mounted a major operation to restore Henderson Island. Its aim was to eradicate the rats that were decimating the birds and other wildlife found on this beautiful island.

Unfortunately this effort was not successful, but from the first day we learned that a few rats had survived, we were determined that we would not give up.

We're now planning a research expedition to the island to run between May to November 2015. It is a major undertaking that will involve two teams of eight people. Primarily they will be finding out if a second attempt to eradicate the island's rats will be successful, before we try again.

We need to raise £230,000 before this expedition can proceed. This will pay for the boat required to install the teams, the food and supplies that they will have to bring with them, equipment, research staff and all other costs associated with mounting an expedition on one of the world's most remote and isolated islands.

With your help, we can raise the money needed - together we can ensure the future of the island's endemic species.

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