UK swift survey

Welcome to the UK swift survey

Thank you for taking part in our swift survey. Please follow the instructions to tell us about the swifts that you have seen. Look out for low-roof-level screaming groups of swifts (that means they're breeding nearby) or where you've seen swifts nesting - perhaps entering a roof or hole in a building (if you can see the nest, it's not a swift). One record per year in one area is enough. We'll use this information to help planners and local authorities take action to help swifts.

You don't need to report sightings of swifts that are either very high in the sky, feeding over water bodies or away from villages, towns and cities. These birds could have travelled some distance and may not be local breeding birds.

If you've got a RSPB website account, please use your details to log in - this way you can keep track of which sightings you've reported.

If you don't have an account don't worry - you can still record your sightings, and if you wish you can register at the end.

Report a lack of swifts

Swifts have normally arrvied by early June. If you have not seen swifts where you normally see them, please click here.

Report a sighting

To report a swift sighting, please click here.

Records so far

  Number of records Number of swifts
This year 27,925 300,208
This week 5 9
By you 0 0

Your sightings

To keep track of all your previous sightings please sign in to your RSPB website account.

If you do not have an account you can still report your swift sightings and optionally register at the end of the process.

The RSPB respects your privacy and will not sell your personal data to any third party. Your information will be used for the purpose of the swift inventory and will be held securely. The RSPB may need to contact you with regard to the data you have entered about swifts or to advise you of how you can help swifts in your area.