help please.


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help please.

  • I have put some pictures in my gallery but they seem to be in a forum The Early Birds.

    It wasnt my intention to do that. How can I change it?

    Its the ones of the helicopter taking the heather onto the moors. Conservation work.

    Any advice very welcome.


  • Hi Gingernut,

    You have posted the photos in the gallery attached to the Chat forums. You should be able to delete these yourself and then re-post them in the place you actually want them to be.

    If you want to post them where other forum members are most likely to see them it is best if you post them in a forum post rather than a gallery. Chose the most suitable forum and then start a new post in that forum and add your pictures.

    If you just want to put them in your own personal gallery, you can do this from your own profile page. On your profile page you will see a Tab that says Gallery - go in there and follow the instructions for posting photos.

    EDIT - post crossed with Doggie's. (we keep doing this!)

  • Hi Doggie,

    Thanks for the advice.


  • Hi Sparrow,

    Thanks for your assistance.  I dont know how I put them there, tired I suppose!

    It will all become clearer as I go on I hope!!

    Many thanks.