October 2012 Good egg post award goes to... Hazy


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October 2012 Good egg post award goes to... Hazy

  • As we say goodbye to October after Halloween and bonfire night we are now into the last part of the year. Some excellent posts have been seen. From Christine BRother Valley Crows to higgy50 Late season plants for pollinators but Octobers’ good egg post award goes to Hazy Birdlife at The Laurels which we found entertaining with excellent photos and commentary, congratulations to Hazy October 2012 good egg post award.

    Kind Regards,

    RSPB Mods  

  • Thank you so much for my "Good Egg" award  - I am still blushing   LOL  !!

  • Congratulations, Hazy. You've made a big impact since you joined the forum and your post was very entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks TJ,  I just love this forum and my birding buddies,  everyone is so friendly and helpful, really enjoying the banter and interesting topics.  

  • Well done Hazy - I've loved reading your posts and commentaries since you joined the forum - so entertaining and beautiful photographs.  I'm becoming quite attached to Cyril (possibly because he doesn't reside in my garden!!)

    Thanks to Tom too for giving my Rother Valley crows a mention.

  • Awww, thanks so much guys and girls,  it took me by surprise lol.     Congrats also to you Christine and also to Higgy,   just love reading all your inputs :)

  • Well done Hazel,you may have to write your acceptance speech now.

  • Thanks Seaman;    I've seen enough bad speeches at the Oscar awards so don't think I'll be writing one anytime soon;   I also prefer to be behind the camera lens and never in front of it  LOL !!

  • Hazy, you've really earned this.  You've shared some beautiful pictures with us all - thank you!

  • Thanks so much Limpy, glad you enjoyed the photos :)   have camera will travel so watch this space  LOL

  • Congratulations Hazy, so well deserved, I love your posts

  • Much appreciated Judi and congrats to you on your previous good egg award !

  • Well done to Hazel, a lady with a really G.S.O.H.! such a lovely account. Thank you also for drawing my attention to the 'Hello' forum, lots of names I recognise posting there! Congratulations also to Christine B and Higgy for their excellent posts!

  • Thanks John,  glad u found the hello forum,  we certainly have a few laughs along with the more serious discussion topics.

  • Congrats Hazy!! Well deserved! Can only agree with everyone else!

    Well done to ChristineB and Higgy50 too!