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  • Forum Reply: Re: Two Queries I Need Help With Please

    Hi Squirrel, Have managed to up load some photos. I do hope that they won't bore people. Sacha
  • Forum Reply: Re: Solved the problem of putting photos on page

    Hi, remember, there is a size limit on individual pics :) Personally I always crop a photo b4 posting it here- that seems to sort it most of the time :) S
  • Forum Thread: why are my photos not being displayed

  • Forum Thread: Panasonic Blu-ray recorder displays nice YouTube pictures.

    If you have access to one of the above, it would be worth checking out the videos that have been posted by members. On a large screen TV, such as a plasma, the picture is streamed direct from your home network router to the recorder via an Ethernet cable and an HDMI cable to the TV. The normal functionality...
  • Forum Thread: Comments on Photos

    How do you know if someone has added a comment? They do not seem to be added to "My Page". Sacha
  • Forum Reply: Re: Two Queries I Need Help With Please

    Hi Squirrel, I shall be pleased to see the replies you receive to your first question as I have been wondering about that too. I seem to have managed to upload some photos but still have a few questions about the various galleries. One other thing "the friends list" does one just add a persons...
  • Forum Thread: Allowing access to My Gallery

    Although there are some delays and hiccups, I am able to upload photos to various galleries, including My Gallery. However, I wish to allow 'Friends' to also see My Gallery - instead of having to re-load photos to one of the shared galleries. This used to be possible (indeed a saved Favourite...
  • Forum Thread: How do you make a screen print image into a jpeg for uploading as a photo?

    I tried to put a screen print image, (a webpage) which would transfer onto my clipboard as a temporary file, into 'my photos' so that I could upload it as a jpeg onto 'my page' 'photos' and could not make it work. In Windows XP, can one access the temp file from say Adobe Photoshop...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Report a problem log

    Campfield Marsh Reserve Community Page. To avoid snowing you under with problems on this page, would like to deal with the major one first. Should you be able to solve this issue we can then progress to the other anomalies later. Major problem: Old Blog Posts do not show images that were included...