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Forums - Can't Find Them

  • Hi - I just wanted to feedback that I really, really struggle to find the forums when I login the the RSPB website.  I only find it by accident each time.  I wonder if that is why there are so few people who login to the forums.  There are only 8 people logged in right now and normally around 10-20 in the evening.  That seems really low for the number of people that must use this website.

    If there was a link from the home page that would really help access.



  • Hi Steve

    Navigation has always been a major problem with this forum until you get used to it. To help people I did a forum map which is the first thread on the Home page.

    It contains a file which if you open it will show a diagram of the forum structure in Adobe Reader. All the links displayed are clickable and will take you to the relevant page.

    I hope this helps.

  • Hi Steve your not the only one to have made the same comment quite a few of us cannot work out why the link for the community is tucked away right down the bottom of the RSPB main page.

    What i've done is bookmarked the community homepage and use it for my homepage in Firefox so i don't have to go to the main RSPB website.

  • Good idea Alan.  Should have thought of bookmarking.  

    Thanks TJ, I actually saw your forum map after I posted and it has helped me navigate now within the Community section.  I've now got my head around how the site works but it's a bit complicated as it is difficult to get to the Community section.  Bookmarking will solve that.  I do think it will hinder people getting involved though.  Hopefully someone who maintains the site picks up on that

  • FuchsiaKing
     I do think it will hinder people getting involved though.  Hopefully someone who maintains the site picks up on that

    Don't hold your breath lol

  • Hi Steve,

    TJ and Doggie have each given you the secret to using the forums. You will soon get used to it. We all had the same problems at one time. This website is very illogical and hard to navigate, but once you suss it out, it's the best Community there is!

    I have a shortcut on my desktop that takes me straight to the Community Home Page (not the main RSPB home page).

    As for the numbers logged in, you can ignore that. The list of those logged in at any one time isn't a complete list. You will often see people posting whose names don't appear. We used to think it only shows those members who are logged in on the same server as yourself, and that whichever server you are logged into is random. However, we were told this isn't the case and that the problem would be sorted. We still await this happening!

    EDIT  posts crossed.  LOL Doggie! As it happens, Steve is showing in my list of those logged on, but Doggie isn't.

  • Yeah but rememeber i'm always in when i'm out so maybe i'm now out when i'm in.

  • Thanks for your feedback FuschiaKing, it is important to us. Once you get used to where everything is, it will hopefully be second nature for you, and as you can see if you get lost, there are plenty of people here to help, myself and the other mods included.


  • Hiya MrsT do you think that is a valid point that Steve makes about the Community link on the main RSPB webpage being tucked away down at the bottom like that.

  • This is where i would put the link lol

  • Whilst Communities is important to us, our home page, our shop window if you like, needs to represent the breadth of all of the work that we do. As a conservation organisation it is the ideal place for us to promote all the work that we are involved in, in a balanced and informative way. Do bookmark the Communities page as has been suggested, but do remember to look back at our home page to keep up to date with our work.

  • I never log out so that when I reach the home page I go to the top right where my name appears and click there which takes me straight to my own page. I have the forums I like listed in my "favourites" and start there.


  • Hi only just to say i also have problems finding the comments etc and also find them by accident. I have bookmarked website but even this does not take me to where i want to go. Regards

  • Hi shadylady , if you are still here , click the Community Home tab at the top of this page , then create a new bookmark for that page.

    The first post on that page has a link to a map of forums.

  • Hi Shadylady,

    Have you looked at the forum map? If you scroll up this thread and read TeeJay's post, it tells you how to find it. If you use this, you can't go wrong.

    EDIT - posts crossed.