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Photography Forum - To the Mods

  • Hi,

    I use the Photography Forum to browse through to find some of the excellent tips and advice on photographic issues, but find it is becoming clogged up with posts that should not be there. I wonder if it is possible to move some of these to more appropriate forums?

    The Photography forum is intended for discussions on photographic issues only, and it seems some new members don't realise this and are posting their own photos that might be better in All Creatures or Garden Visitors or similar.

    Thank you. Moan over.

  • Its happening all over again Linda, but I do think the title is very misleading to new members

  • We are probably fighting a losing battle over this one. I think the problem is that it was put under the Wildlife Forum. More properly it should have been located in the Chat Forum along with Gear Guide etc. because as Sparrow has said its original purpose was to discuss technical photographic issues.

    It's quite understandable that many newcomers and old hands for that matter see it under Wildlife and quite naturally post their photos there.

  • Posts are being moved now.

    Cheers all,

    RSPB Mods

  • Thanks Tom!

    I agree with the others that the name of the forum is misleading and could be changed to Photographic Discussions or similar, and moved to the Chat section next to Gear Guide. This might alleviate further problems.