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Nikon Coolpix P510

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I am wanting to upgrade my camera and have almost decided upon the Panasonic Lumix FZ150 - I have read so many good reports about it, but whilst doing a bit of research  i noticed that the Nikon P510 has an optical zoom of 42x.  I just wondered what the catch was with this and if anyone has any experience of this camera?  I am a bit of a novice photographer - my objective being simply to get the sharpest,  close up pictures that I can whilst still using a bridging camera.  Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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  • Christine,  I suspect there is no catch with the Nikon and there are people who are happy with that camera. The problem for me is the comment about sharpest, close up pictures.  At the risk if upsetting bridge camera users the best way of doing that is to get closer.  The further you are away the chances increase of the image quality diminishing,  I would suspect that the zoom on the FZ150 is more than sufficient for virtually all your needs

  • Thanks for your reply and I fully understand what you are saying about getting closer to the subject Bob, it's just that with birds it's not always possible to do that, so I am wanting to get the best picture possible when the photographing conditions are not always ideal, if that makes sense.  Would you get a lot more camera shake with the greater zoom?

    I am more or less decided on the FZ150 - it will have to last me a while though so am just weighing up all the options.  

  • Thanks for that Birdie - really great advice there - if it's what you and others on the forum  who have no doubt been taking photos for much longer than me have decided is the best briding camera, then I am sure the FZ150 is what I am looking for.  I will go and have a look at the Nikon, but my mind is all but made up!!

  • Take a look here.

  • And here

    Maybe worth a look before to decide one way or another.

  • And here

    Might be worth a though?

  • If you're looking at close up as in macro, then you need a camera that will focus down to 1 cm; but if you mean getting closer to a distant subject........!

  • MarJus
    If you're looking at close up as in macro, then you need a camera that will focus down to 1 cm

    Looks great on a specification sheet but totally impractical for most purposes , particularly insects. Try getting that close to them if you can. Even for stuff that can't move , such as flowers , by getting so close you are almost certain to be cutting down the available light with your shadow.

  • Galatas

    Try getting that close to them if you can. 

    99% of my insect (and other macro type) shots are taken that close!! It'd be far too challenging to try to zoom in on a small insect from a distance! Plus the detail is compromised. I guess it's down to personal taste!

  • Thanks for taking the trouble to reply everyone - plenty of food for thought!  

    Andrew - thanks for the links.  I've had a good read and will decide over the next week or two.  Am quite impatient to get my hands on another camera now!!