Spotting scope at Aldi


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Spotting scope at Aldi

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Browsing around Aldi in Stirling this afternoon,, I came across a spotting scope on offer. The usual spec. 20x60x60. In a sceptical frame of mind, I picked one up to try it. Fully expecting distortion and false colours, but was astounded at the quality of the image. So I bought two!. They are quite compact in size. A lot smaller than my present one. The price? Just £24.99. A bargain, in my view. Last time Aldi sold spotting scopes. They sold out almost instantly and then appeared on eBay over the next few weeks.
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  • That's always possible I suppose. They did have an huge quantity in stock. I shall keep one in the boot of my car. The other is for my daughter, also a keen bird watcher.

    By the way. I forgot to mention. They also come with a small tripod, included in the price.

  • Seen them in Barnsley ,Alan.


  • Hi-

    apparently these are good for the price-  but sell out very quickly and show up on ebay at 3x the price.

    A decent tripod to put it on will cost more than the scope.


  • Yes indeed! But one of my trusty Manfrottos will suffice, I think.

  • May have visit my local Aldi now.  Broke my bins the other day.

  • Actually, my bins also came from Aldi. £19.95, and far better than the £80.00 roof prisms I got from Jessops!

  • At these sort of prices they would be worth buying even it was only to leave in the car or on the kitchen window sill.

  • My camera nest box came from Aldi 2 years ago and has been up and working well for over 2 years. It was one of these "buy it quick special offers" and cost next to nothing compared with other complete kit boxes elsewhere.

  • The tripod that comes with the scope, is not a lot of use. Of angled aluminium construction, the legs are about 12" and non extending.

    But I have a (very) heavy duty Manfrotto as well as a medium weight of the same manufacturer. Both will be more than adequate.

  • Just picked one up at the Wigan branch. At 60mm it's not the brightest of images even at 20x mag but perfectly adequate for occasional use and lightweight enough to carry when I have all my camera gear as well. Surprisingly little colour fringing for such a cheap scope. Well worth a punt unless you're the type of person who is more concerned about how much people think you've paid than whether it suits your needs or not.

  • Galatas
    Well worth a punt unless you're the type of person who is more concerned about how much people think you've paid than whether it suits your needs or not.

    Worrying about the name on your bins/scope more than the performance seems to a trend nowadays just hope not being able to afford top kit does not put newbies off enjoying our great hobby.I do not have such a great problem with this as some as I prefer the porro prism style of bins and the top of the range are roof prism,but that is just a personal thing.

  • My birding pal was given a pair of Leica bins as a retirement present. They're better than my budget model Opticrons , you might say twice as good but not ten times like the price difference , and he definitely doesn't see ten times more birds than I do :- )

  • Hi-

    a pair of porro prism like Swarovski ( habicht) diana 7x42 are probably as good as any roof prisms-  they just aren't as trendy



  • Well, my daughter and I intend to get out to one of the local lochs to give the scope a thorough test ASAP.........that is, if there is nobody around to deride the unknown name (Optus btw) of the beast.

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