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  • Forum Thread: How do you do it Holmes? Bird knowledge required..

    Hi all, I would like you good people to recommend me a concise bird guide book (preferably) that is more specific on teaching me specific bird behaviour and habitat. I would like to know more about where I would more likely find a bird and what to look out for - not the usual identification book....
  • Forum Thread: Birding tips #14 Field guides

    FIELD GUIDES We all use them at some point, some cover larger areas than others. For everyday use in Britain and Europe the top of the range is undoubtedly the Collins Guide ( Svensson, Mullarney, Grant, Zetterstrom). Lars Jonsson's Birds of Europe is magnificent with larger illustrations and...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Birding tips #14

    Both books serve their purpose that one the Mitchell Beazley one is more detailed than the other. The Macmillian gives you the basic details of birds, and their behaviour Hi, I think you are confusing the MACMILLAN FIELD GUIDE TO BIRD IDENTIFICATION (Harris Tucker Vinicombe) with something...