Bad pics of fab wildlife :)


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Bad pics of fab wildlife :)

  • Hi pudweena, looks like a lesser spotted "pacman" to me   hee!hee!

    Regards  Mick

  •  How do I put my photo on this thread, I'm new plaese advise.  I have lots of shockers.  But a goldeneye giving me the bird is one of my best. ............... Ok sorted.

  • click the use rich formatting link snowman

  • Well done

  • Thanks  doggie got it.

  •  And a Treecreepers bottom....oops!! to big sorry

  • That took some spotting..i've deleted a load of treecreepers like that lol.

  • Hahahaha Pudweena!!  It's clearly a flying haggis.  Well done for capturing the elusive wee beastie.  Snowman, yours are a treat!  I needed a good giggle, so thanks for keeping up this thread...

  • This is the first (photographed) visitor to my suction-cup birdfeeder - it's only taken them a year to figure it out! I think it's a Robin...

  • Sorry - photo adding thing not working at the moment but it can be found here:

  • I am pretty sure that this is a juvenile Grey Wagtail. Correct me if I'm wrong!


    Got the build up of these two Woodies almost about to mate and then this he he....Trust me this is 2 mating birds ha ha ha ha....

  • Ha Ha - yes will have to trust you Sheena:-)

  • LOL !!!! haven't had a look on here for a while, missed the last few LOL, brilliant Snowman, Nick and Sheena (looks like the shadow of a bloke with a long nose, sticky out chin and a flat cap on his head LOL ) cheered my day right up LOL !

  • Just thought i'd add these.