Bad pics of fab wildlife :)


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Bad pics of fab wildlife :)

  • LoL Linda, isn't it just! I just got too excited when I saw it, and ended up fluffing it! :))

  • Wow Sunrider! I would be over the moon at just seeing that! love bald eagles! It's still a good picture tho, but I know what you mean, I would have wanted the fish too!  Where was it taken?

  • Love it Katy :-)

    Sunrider - still an amazing shot :-)

  • It's a White Tailed Sea Eagle from a couple of weeks ago when I was holidaying on Mull.

  • That's a great shot of the streetlamp, Katy. Pity that pesky Kestrel got in the way. LOL

    I've done that sort of thing with large birds of prey so many times, Sunrider. I'll bet you got some good ones though.

    Here's my nearly good one of a Short-toed Eagle.

  • I tried, didn't really get the shot I was after though unfortunately. Framing was a nightmare on a pitching boat with a fast moving bird and a very irritating foreign guy near me with a huge camera and lens who would apear in my shot just as I was about to click. I think he left his consideration head at home.

    This was from the same day, still not quite there but you get the idea.

  • That would have been a wonderful shot, Sunrider. Still good but so frustrating when it could have been perfect.

  • I need to upgrade my photographic kit but I've just spent all my money on a swaro scope and I'm not sure the wife would be too impressed if a forked out for more toys.

  • I missed a shot twice in one day. First a Herring Gull stealing a Kittiwake chick at Bempton Cliffs.

    Later on I missed a Gannet with another chick. In a way I'm almost glad I missed them.

  • A Kestrel 9:20pm last night

  • No problems for me seeing any of the photos you have commented on this morning Alan.

  • Some of these pictures are good compared to some of mine!

    Juvenile Wedge Tailed Eagle, Tasmania

    Tasmanian Devil

     (They didn't all post first time, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad!)

  • Have just hit upon this thread and spent a good 1/2 hour being amused. So encouraging to see that I am not alone



    While both look as if taken from a moving car, I was using my monopod for first time, obviously missed the other 2 legs.

  • Fabulous thread! :) I could post so many lol

    Can't get any worse than this :)


  • LOL still loving this LOL