Bad pics of fab wildlife :)


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Bad pics of fab wildlife :)

  • That would have been a wonderful shot, Sunrider. Still good but so frustrating when it could have been perfect.

  • I need to upgrade my photographic kit but I've just spent all my money on a swaro scope and I'm not sure the wife would be too impressed if a forked out for more toys.

  • I missed a shot twice in one day. First a Herring Gull stealing a Kittiwake chick at Bempton Cliffs.

    Later on I missed a Gannet with another chick. In a way I'm almost glad I missed them.

  • A Kestrel 9:20pm last night

  • No problems for me seeing any of the photos you have commented on this morning Alan.

  • Some of these pictures are good compared to some of mine!

    Juvenile Wedge Tailed Eagle, Tasmania

    Tasmanian Devil

     (They didn't all post first time, but 2 out of 3 ain't bad!)

  • Have just hit upon this thread and spent a good 1/2 hour being amused. So encouraging to see that I am not alone



    While both look as if taken from a moving car, I was using my monopod for first time, obviously missed the other 2 legs.

  • Fabulous thread! :) I could post so many lol

    Can't get any worse than this :)


  • Oh Deer !!!

    A Roe Buck shot across the front of the hide on my local patch this morning. This is what I got.

    By the time I got the side window open he was a fair distance away. He looked back at me as if to say, "Is that all you've got?"

    And then was off.

  • I liked the first one. It looks like he's doing that dressage stuff.

  • I just love this thread, real belly laughs thankd to all contributers

  • hahaha excellent!

  • Ironically, this was one of my better pics of this bird cos it was almost in focus.. It was a pity it was flying away from me. I'm going to let you guess what it is.

  • Nope, but good shout. All will be revealed in a thread I'll post later.

  • I thought Peregrine as well from the colour but it looked much too big. I'll try Merlin although I think that would be smaller as well.