Blackbird with no tail


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Blackbird with no tail

  • Hi

    This blackbird has been a visitor to our garden for a few days now, is this common, he seems to fly ok.  How did it happen,like it from birth/in a fight?.

    Any thoughts.




  • Poor thing. Most likely a failed predator attack, I'd think. The feathers should grow back quite quickly.

  • I have seen a juvenile blackbird with no tail feathers who definitely can't fly - its parents are still trying to feed it

  • Looks like the bird is on snow,has the picture been taken in winter


  • Post was made in February, so I think it must be winter BL

  • Hi Juliet welcome to the forum.

    Blackbird chicks can't fly for the first few days after leaving the nest but it will soon get the hang of it.

  • Thanks snowman didn't see the date, But this makes it an adult and its not unusual to see one without tail feathers that time of year


  • Hi Ray i don't know if you've seen Juliets post above yours is a current post

  • This year I have frequenly seen a female blackbird with no tail feathers who seemed to be able to fly perfectly well. I haven't seen her in a while so hopefully she is ok...

  • Its a senior moment lol