I passed!- updated for the pictures see my web site arps panel gallery


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I passed!- updated for the pictures see my web site arps panel gallery

  • Enjoy Alan the bonded warehouse out here hasnt had John Smiths for a while now

    not like back home here with Tesco shelves piled high with all sorts of beer i have to apply for a police license to buy beer from governments warehouses

  • I was wondering about that but didn't want to ask, i wondered how you went on.

  • Well done and well deserved :) Always knew we were in the presence of greatness.  

    Caroline in Jersey

  • Congratulations Andrew. I'm so glad you succeeded.

  • Well done, over the years it also helps to say how a picture has been taken, and why a subject is doing something unusual ??, I know some of the assessors are pretty hard on some candidates. Alan

  • Well done Andrew - well deserved and worth all the hard work - good to get the recognition.

  • Congratulations Andrew, and very well deserved.  I too have decided to have a drink in your honour, so cheers!

  • All your determination and hard work has served you well Andrew. You have a natural talent and a brilliant ability to capture your subjects to perfection.You, above all else deserve to be recognised and rewarded, many many congratulations Andrew, and Cheers !! :-)

  • Excellent news. Well done, Andrew!

  • What wonderful news + so well deserved!! Your pics are always a wonder to view!! Thrilled for you!!

  • Great news, congratulations :)

  • Really well done Andrew,think you must have put a lot of hard work into it.

  • Many Congratulations. What an achievement and well deserved!

  • Congratulations Andrew,well done.

  • Whoo hoo congratulations Andrew. All the hard work is worth it