Not a lot about so..........


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The Tea Rooms

Not a lot about so..........

  • Went for a wander this afternoon and not a great deal about so turned my attention to the macro world.

    Don't know what this one is.

    Black Slug showing it's breathing hole.

    Don't know this either, but quite delicate and pretty.

    Another one I don't know!

    Reckon I've got this one.


    Remember seeing a lot of these as a kid...

    Saw these placed around the edge of the farmer's crop field. Probably to resolve an issue he has.

    .......but this guy's not playing ball......


  • Nice shots. Can't help you with the various flies pics 1,2,5,7 (except to say they are true flies, order Diptera) but I think the moth is Silver-ground Carpet:

  • Good shots, Kev.  I can't help with any ids either except to say that we used to call 1&2 "Greenbottles" as children.

  • Great pictures! It looks like you had a good day of photography :)