At last!


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The Tea Rooms

At last!

  • Managed to get these of Mrs GSW.

    They're a bit elusive aren't they?

    Quite liked this one too.

  • Great photos Kev

    you are so lucky to see them

  • Great shots, they are beautiful birds

  • great shots, Ive seen them drumming but always move on as soon as I point the camera


  • Nice one, Kev. Cracking photos. Now she's found you I expect she'll be back for more.

  • Thanks all for your kind comments.

    And yes, she's been to and fro all day....

    ....also spotted a couple of babies today....


  • Gorgeous photos Kevin.  I love woodpeckers!  I'm also lucky enough to get them - had a male in the early part of the year, and now have a juvenile which comes every day either to the fatballs or the peanuts or both, but I've never had a Mrs!!  Those are lovely clear photos.  Baby robins are gorgeous too!

  • Strange that, Christine. I've only ever seen the female!

    With the amount she's visiting now, I'm guessing she may have some babies somewhere and I'm hoping she'll bring her young family with her one day.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Well would you believe it.

    My wife said she has brought junior with her this afternoon before I got home.

    I'm off work tomorrow afternoon - guess who's gonna be poised with the camera?


  • That's typical, is it not! When I had a woodpecker visit regularly you could almost set the clock by him - around 5.00p.m. each day (probably at other times too, but that was when I was in to notice it).  Now they've found your garden I bet they will be back time and time again, so it looks like you're going to have to have a rota system with the camera cos it would be great to see a photo of both!!!! Good luck.

  • Way Haaay!

    Guess who came to the table today and did some sunbathing into the bargain?

    What a little cutie!

  • lovely pic's  lucky you.  Adults and juveniles.  Well done.

  • Lovely set of shots!

  • Just happened to notice this today. Grabbed the camera, but no time to grab the specs, so please excuse the quality...

    Mum feeding Junior today........

  • Brilliant brilliant! They've certainly put a smile on my face before going to work!! well done!