I want to share my Hike with you all


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I want to share my Hike with you all

  • Hi friends, went on a hike today in Derbyshire. I was lucky enough to see plenty of birds but not lucky enough to get any photos lol. I saw loads of Goldfinches and House Martins and at one point saw a house with three nests on it. There was the most beautiful sound of loads of Rooks coming from a copse/small wood, it was Heaven and on the way home I saw one on the edge of a traffic roundabout, it was gorgeous.

    Saw some beautiful sights and sites and some interesting historic places. The very last Photograph is of a pond called Industrial Pond, where bellows were once powered by it for the iron works, Coots were very happily residing on it. And the picture of the large arch is all that remains of the once beautiful Abbey.

    Saw a cottage with the most wonderful name....

    Can you spot The Bright Spark?

    The hermits cave

    These filled a field, the picture after this, is of the field from afar, I've never seen so many in one place, notice how white the field looks.

  • Thanks Alan, I took loads of photos (including my trademark one of my boots LOL) and I wasn't too sure on what to post so as to share the hike, so I'm glad you've enjoyed the ones I chose. Weathers been lovely today hasn't it, we were so lucky.

  • Lol Alan, Yes they were lol

    But only because I'd washed them off in this small ford lol

  • Great report Birdie - you saw something interesting things on your way.  Love the picture of the dove in the street lamp.  How resourceful!  Bet that field full of daisies was a sight to see.   Glad you had such a good day out.

  • Very interesting report of your day's hiking. You chose a good day for it it this soggy summer.

    Lovely looking countryside and I love that field of daisies. Not often you get to see so many wild flowers these days. You've got to laugh at the Collared Dove. They do nest in the most unlikely places.

  • Wonderful report of a lovely day out hiking. I too love the field full of daisies. The dove chose well, especially with all the rain we have had this year. She will be cosy and dry in there. Thanks for sharing your day and your beautiful photos with us.

  • LOL Doggie - will I ever live that down?

  • Gorgeous set of shots!! What a superb day out! Love that dove too! A summerhouse dovecote!

  • Thankyou everyone, I'm glad they cheered you all.

    Lol Alan, yes Dove was 100% alive

    Here's some more pics.....

  • Wow, gorgeous countryside, looks a lovely route for a good long walk :)

  • Excellent thanks for sharing.  A sunny day also.  Bonus.!!.  You could have added the dove to the Springwatch thread for most ridiculous nest sites...lol  

  • Hi Birdie ,what a fantastic day out ,and some nice weather as well ,can't remember the last time we had a good walk ,we should do this weekend ,we are looking after a friends 3 dogs ,and the daughter decided to go on a holiday ,so we have her mutt as well LOL ,that should be interesting on the walkie's.

    Regards Mick