Knock knock, knock knock, ding dong!! :)


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The Tea Rooms

Knock knock, knock knock, ding dong!! :)

  • Great photo!


  • Thats brilliant!! I have a squirrel who is competing for the olympics!! Jumping all over my feeders, even from the ground!!!

  • Hahaha cheeky little beast...

    Caroline in Jersey


    Here is my resident Squirrel upto mischief yesterday.   

    Feeder ends up on the ground.   Then for ten minutes had  a ball throwing the feeder all over the lawn, unfortunately out of sight of the camera.

    If he had picked on the othe feeder he would have had a weeks supply of peanuts.  The one he picked on has a very strong lid on.   Then out of frustration set about 4 young Magpies.  Quite hilarious watching them take turns chasing each other around the lawn.


  • Brilliant Katy and great caption too. :))

  • Blimey, I couldn't find my way back here! LoL! I kept looking in forums and everything and I couldn't understand where the Tea Room had gone! Newbies huh!! :)) Love the squirrel pics! They are cheeky little beggers and so resourceful.  I have one that clears the bird table regularly!

  • During last winter, there was a squirrel that would tap his nose against the office window first thing to let you know the feeder was empty. Made me jump out of my skin on a number of occassions I can tell you. You have to give it to squirrels for their audacity!

  • Thanks Alan! :) Ha ha Mrs T, just can't help but love them! :))

  • Indeed.