Where's my nuts?


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Where's my nuts?

  • Hi folks.

    Couldn't resist posting this little fellow looking through the fallen leaves.

  • Adorable Shane - shame they have such bad press, saw them trapped & shot in 'Tales from a Wild Wood' the other night on BBC4!!

  • Nice photo Shane.

    Waaaaghhh   !     Found one of Cyril's siblings run-over yesterday morning outside our front gate, not a pretty sight and rather upsetting :(     I know they can be pests but what they cause in nuisance they make up for in their antics, they are such clever creatures and as you say Wendy, shame they get such a bad press.     Our neighbour also traps them and shoots them :(   so I have to feed them so they don't jump the fence  LOL    If only I could stop them crossing the road .... some cars just don't care.

  • Know how you feel Hazy - there is a run-over fox on my main road into town - just laying in the roadside - looks so small & sad!!

  • Traps them and shoots them - I know what I'd do to him........

  • I know Gaynor but they are not protected and some people class them as vermin (its a mind-set with them);   it's sad really as squirrels are only doing what comes naturally to them.    I understand people's frustration with them, I share that to some extent but I believe in live and let live;  we must learn to live alongside them.    It is hard work sometimes protecting plants and bird food from them but they have to eat too so allowances should be made.   They do provide such entertainment and I wish more people like yourself could see them for the smart creatures they are and not just as pests.    

  • I have made sure that there is enough food for all in my small garden. The squirrel related food is on the feeder which is in the open and outside the Small Bird Sanctuary. They head straight for it and have plenty to eat. If they decide to try the bird feeders then good luck to them. They have wrecked about half a dozen so far, but as the feeders are just a couple of pounds each, I'm not going to get upset about it. I'd rather have two happy squirrels and a few broken feeders than no squirrels at all. To be honest, the pigeon mafia consume more food than the rest of the birds combined, but they too have a place in the garden and their antics are entertaining in their own way. I'll post some photos of them later to prove it.

  • hear, hear  MC,   look forward to the pics :)

  • That's a great picture Shane!

    Oh No Hazel! Sorry to hear about Cyril jnr! :((

  • Here on Anglesey they have tried to kill all the grey squirrels in order to introduce the reds.   I don't agree with it at all and only hope they don't succeed.

  • Thanks folks.

    I never thought the picture would start a debate but I'm glad it did as its interesting to hear peoples views, for me they are here now and introduced by humans so lets enjoy them for what they are, "right characters".

  • Gorgeous shot! Looks great amongst those leaves!

  • Thanks Marjus

  • Am I the only person on here who would give anything to see red squirrels in my garden as opposed to grey ones?  I don't think Suffolk has any wild red squirrels at all - though ironically a local sanctuary is successfully breeding reds for the successful Welsh projects.

  • I never have been colour prejudiced.

    Welsh projects - did you hear about the bounty paid to people who killed the grey squirrels?  Very proudly some person went to claim his money producing the tails as proof - only to find he'd killed 10 or so red squirrels.   Moral of the story, do not mess with nature.