Some photo's from Abberton


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Some photo's from Abberton

  •    Hello all, here's a few photo's my husband took at Abberton near Colchester.  He think's it is an African bird of prey, or a landesmere hawk,as he would like to know. Thanks

  • Never heard of a 'landesmere hawk'...! This is a falcon, and looks like a falconer's hybrid with some Lanner ancestry and possibly also Peregrine - an escapee in any case. It looks like it's got a telemetry aerial on which will hopefully allow its owner to find it.

  • It was part of the bird display earlier in the summer, when they opened the centre after a long time at the old one.

  • Oh good, so it wasn't lost :)

    Most falcons used in falconry are hybrids these days, the main species involved being Peregrine, Lanner, Saker, Merlin and Gyr. This bird's red nape and spotty (rather than barred or streaked) chest strongly suggest there's some Lanner in it, but a pure Lanner would be normally be paler and more lightly marked.

  •  Thanks for the info aiki, I would'nt have known that. so I appreciate what you wrote. &thanks Birdie wild. heres another one of the display team.

  • Magnificent birds and photos, thank you for sharing the Wren

  • Glad you like them Hazy