More floods, hows everyone else fairing?


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More floods, hows everyone else fairing?

  • Our local river "The Mole has burst its banks again and its still chucking it down so it looks as if its going to be worse than Christmas Eve when I took the photo below, these poor folks have recently moved out so the house could be repaired. The road is closed again and the river is rising and flowinf throught their house again.

    If the river rises another couple of feet the estate I live on and the surrounding areas are all at serious risk so I'm hoping for a break in the weather soon even if it is forcasting more rain tomorrow.

    A lot less serious I know I also mentioned all but half a dozen of my 40+ Goldies have moved away as they roosted at the riverside and I was hopeful they would return but I doubt that now. 

  • Oh dear Shane, I'm so sorry to hear about the continuing flooding and risk to other nearby areas, I hope the rain eases soon so that the deluge can eventually soak away.  No doubt, in time, the Goldies will return, meanwhile, stay safe and fingers crossed for you and others at risk.

  • I heard that the River Mole catchment had caught it badly again. It's just been sunshine and showers here but everywhere is still saturated.

    When will it ever stop.

  • Quite a bit of rain here this morning. I looked at the Thames in Kingston and it was about a foot lower than it was on Tuesday. Of course that could all change.

  • Thanks all our town was just on the news after many houses have been flooded with twice in three weeks,  they could have asked me lol (not really) its still raining but due to stop so hopefully I will be online tomorrow.  Thanks again.