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The Tea Rooms


  • my hide

  • That's very cleverly done and well made :-) Nice thinking.

  • yes only took 2 days to  put up

  • thats a wonderfull husband , best birthday press  ever

  • Is that hide winking at me?

  • Impressive. Hope you've got tea and coffee facilities in there as well. Oh, and a loo?

  • I bet that takes a lot of carrying when you want to take it to the local birdwatching site.

  • iv got a heater  in there as well to keep me feet worm

  • its fab  , the birds dont even know im there

  • penny

    its fab  , the birds dont even know im there


    Now, does your husband know you're in there.

  • Sensible question after my last entry and I am sure we have debated this before.  What type of hide, cover (if any) do you photographers out there use.

  • Impressive, Penny, and well camouflaged.  It must look just like a garden shed to the average bird.

  • lol  my husband come out there as well  or i can tex him to bring me tea and toat