I passed!- updated for the pictures see my web site arps panel gallery


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I passed!- updated for the pictures see my web site arps panel gallery

  • Currently chuffed to bits.

    Since late last year I've been trying to put together a volume of work for the Royal Photographic Society for a distinction at Associate level in Nature Photography. The distinction panel sits twice a year in March and September and today was the day. I couldn't be there in person and had to supply my images as high resolution Tiff files for projection rather than framed mounts. Anyway, I've just had an E-mail from the RPS HQ in Bath to tell me the distinction panel have recommended my work for award at associate level subject to ratification by the RPS board committee. 

    I'm a very happy bunny :-)


  • Andrew congrats, I thought you where no ordinary photographer, you photos are too good ;)

  • Can I have your autograph please?  

    Take a bow. Very many congratulations Andrew, and very well deserved.

    Will we be able to see any of your work somewhere?

  • Well done and well deserved.

  • its on my website linda but still marked as a private gallery

    hopefully in a day or two i can make it public access

    thanks Alan and topdog

    having a kilkenny or two now :-)

  • Well done Andrew, now that explains your prowess in photography, congratulations from lol old me. Shane

  • Congratulations Andrew RPS,

    "Chuffed to bits" i bet you are !!!

    Very well deserved,

    Enjoy your Kilkenny celebration

  • Should say lil old me not lol

  • Many congratulations Andrew. My jaw always drops when I see the quality of the photographs you post on here and I think to myself "how does he do it"? Very well deserved award.

    Not sure what a kilkenny is but it sounds good to me.

  • Many congrats, Andrew - well deserved!

  • Congratulations Andrew and well deserved - your photos are fantastic and enjoyed by us all - well done.  I don't know what a kilkenny is either - for another quiz?! Can hazard a guess for that one:-)

  • thanks everybody

    A Kilkenny is a sort of Irish shandy but a little stronger :-)

    Grandpaddy will know

  • Congratulations Andrew, that's brilliant news.  I'm sure the Kilkenny will go down a treat if you can stop smiling long enough to drink it.  Cheers!

  • Enjoy Alan the bonded warehouse out here hasnt had John Smiths for a while now

    not like back home here with Tesco shelves piled high with all sorts of beer i have to apply for a police license to buy beer from governments warehouses

  • Well done and well deserved :) Always knew we were in the presence of greatness.  

    Caroline in Jersey