Good Morning from The Laurels


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Good Morning from The Laurels

  • Hello friends,   Not a bad morning, sun shining, so stocked up the feeders, grabbed the garden chair and waited for my first visitor with camera in hand ..............

    MORNING BLUEY ...... who was first to hear the rattle of the suet box !

    Ooops,  Bluey taken by surprise, nearly falls of his perch   lol

    He spied something in the tree over yonder .............            Good Morning Captain Magpie

    "Did someone say there was Suet on the feeder"  ??           Morning GT !

    "What's all this happy chirping" ?   Must be breakfast at The Laurels............. "On My Way" !!

    Welcome Jake the Jay,   help yourself to the Peanuts ............. as you usually do, but please try and leave some on the plate,  lol

    Not full yet Jake ??   !

    You leaving anything for the others ?  !

    Guess not    LOL 

    One of the BT's  is not amused, turned his back on Jake .....

    Nutty doesn't mind, he's used to pushing in .........

    "No Worries"  Bluey,  I'll get rid of Jake ...                       LQQK of surprise on Jake  !!

    All mine now says NUTTY :)      Mr. Smug lQQk    !

  • Great series of shots Hazy, isn't it wonderful what you see in your own garden, and the coffee to hand LOL

  • No chance of me sitting in the garden today. It's grey, cold and misty and apart from a few Blue Tits all the birds seem to have deserted me.

    Great photos, Hazy. Jake the Jay is a really comical fellow. I love his look of surprise when Nutty the Nuthatch muscles in.

  • What a wonderful selection of birds!  Love your jay.

  • Hazzy what a great set of visitors you have coming to feed at yours. Great set of pics + the commentry was tee hee!! Space on the chair + cuppa tea for me next time? Please!!

  • Thanks so much everyone.   I managed to inch up and get within 10ft of the Jay this time so I guess he will be perched on the arm of the garden chair soon LOL      Wish you were all round the corner from Cheshire as we could have our very own coffee/tea and bird watching morning  so let me know if you're passing this way  lol     Jake, Nutties and GT.BT.CT 's are here every day, several times so no problem there;   just Finches we are lacking although the sunflower hearts and nyger seed are out there going begging  lol :)

    You're right TJ,  the Jay does have some lovely but strange expressions at times, quite quizzical looking ................ oh  talk of the devil he's back for dinner before bedtime but Cyril has just surprised him  lol

  • Just love the photos Hazel - and the commentary!  What a shame I don't live a bit nearer Cheshire or else I'd be dropping in on your bird watching morning!  How fantastic to get jays and nuthatches on a regular basis, although I mustn't complain - I have my bossy woodpecker each day and plenty of finches.  

    I suppose Jake has to be an early riser to get to the peanuts before Cyril!  It's all going on in your garden!

  • Hi and thanks Christine,   Yes, "Jake"  is here at first light when lazy Cyril is still in his drey keeping cosy warm !     Jake certainly doesn't go short of peanuts and I do make Cyril and gang work for theirs (they get chased away 5 out of the 6 times they attempt to steal,  besides it keeps me fit as I do my scary monster impression and whack the wooden stick on the branches to make them retreat ...........for about 3 minutes   lol)   We have at least two more siblings that also raid the seed, fat and nuts .......... sob sob as we lost the third Cyril sibling two days ago - it was run over right outside our front gate :(      To be honest, they get enough to eat and they always get the leftovers before it goes dark.

  • lol Birdie,  Thanks,  I think he had such a fright but I always have to laugh at his many expressions, I can't get enough of him on camera !  

  • Wonderful pics Hazy - my Jay has deserted me since his first visit the other day - hope it's only temporary or I'll have to decamp to yours!!!

  • Hi  Wendy,  we had three the other day so get on over to Cheshire   LOL !   and bring me some Finches  :)  !!!

  • Sorry Hazy - don't get those here either but I can do a mean line in kestrels!!!

  • My current visitor

  • Oh my goodness, that's amazing ...... to say I would settle for the Kestrel is an understatement  LOL !    Great Photo Wendy :)  

       By the way,  both Mr. & Mrs Jay turned up this morning, together at the feeder station but no photo unfortunately.  

  • Nothing as exciting as kestrels or nuthatches for me I'm afraid. It's a grey and miserable morning here in Mitcham. BR is obviously having a lie-in and is a no show. The dunnock has taken advantage of this and is foraging happily under the tree. The feral pigeons and the rat are eating side by side and the squirrels have already wrecked the fatball feeder! The goldies are out in numbers but high up in the gloom and drizzle. One lone female sparrow sat and watched me fill the feeders and then hopped out to nibble the pastry as I was still putting it on the branches. She might well be the same sparrow that has appeared in my last few uploads. I hope so, because she is very friendly and is quite happy to keep feeding when I am only a couple of feet away. Here she is...