Hello again


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Hello again

  • Hello everyone, I'm not new here but I've been in New Zealand for a few months.I saw some amazing birds there.

  • Welcome back, hope you've got lots of pics to share?

  • A welcome back from me too, and like Shane i would love to see some photos if you have any.

  • Welcome back. Now you've tantalized us with what you've seen in NZ you can't just leave it there. Tell (or show) us more

  • Welcome back, looking forward to hearing what you saw and seeing any photos if you have them :)

  • Hi everyone, thanks for the nice welcome back. I do have lots of photos, although very few bird photos. I'm better at taking photos of stationery objects and as we all know birds don't tend to do this. I will try to post some later though.

  • Welcome back Mereni, how was NZ, where did you go and what did you see? Look forward to hearing more!

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