Newbie in a lot of ways


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Newbie in a lot of ways

  • Haha, had to laugh that it was your son who christened you 'swampdonkey'! My youngest son calls me his old dear, it's a bit more complimentary than your name!

  • Welcome Swampdonkey, what a fantastic hobby you have choosen.  I have only taken up photography recently.  It's quite addictive.  Enjoy, I know I do.

  • I have sent a "friends"request through that is probably the easiest way to pass details on.

  • hello Swampdonkey,

    Welcome to the forum from West Central Scotland. The Fluffy Ducks image definitely a picture postcard moment, great images all round.



  • Hi

    the gannet-   that's a GOOD photo

    very useful



  • See Swampdonkey,ou have a shed load of fans on here already

    I have sent club details through the friends system as promised do not hesitate to contact me in the same way,Pete.