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There are loads of fun ways you can help nature with the RSPB... Share your experiences here.
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  • Blog Post: I am not a bird

    Coots, moorhens, mallard, swans, geese, pigeons, crows, grey herons and even a couple of smew dotted the ice covering Regent's Park's lakes yesterday morning. They all seemed happy enough and some poked their heads under water through holes in the ice. Sometimes I wish I was a bird. That I...
  • Blog Post: Sorry starling fans

    I apologise. I give in. I didn't mean it. SORRY! When I said there are no starling murmurations in London anymore in an interview about the Big Garden Birdwatch on BBC London, what I meant was that you don't see those huge, dense clouds of starlings that London once enjoyed. Yes. I know there...