September, 2011

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Get involved
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  • Indigenous community children become TV stars

    Filming Si Bolang, Harapan Rainforest, September 2011Bathin Sembilan children from Harapan’s mobile school became TV stars this week. They had parts in the first of two episodes of children’s series, Si Bolang, being shot in the forest. Si Bolang roughly means “Adventure Boy”. It is shown right across this nation of more than 230 million people. It’s a great way to raise awareness of Harapan, and forest issues. The children learned about the threat of fire. They are shown putting out a fire that someone has left untended. They learned about livelihood benefits when drinking water from a cut vine. Of course, being from Harapan’s indigenous community, they know about these things. But it’s great to spread the message to a wider audience.

  • A class of its own

     A child’s life at Harapan Rainforest isn’t just messing about in boats and flying kites. There’s a lot of that, but there’s also the serious stuff. Harapan supports the primary school in Sako Suban on its southern boundary. It isn’t yet ideal – one class for all 40 pupils, aged from 6-12. But without salary support for the teachers, the school wouldn’t exist. It’s a great first step that keeps these two boys in school. We’ll work to make sure the government provides appropriate education to each age group. Then we’ll address the problem of the nearest secondary school being eight hours away!