For over a decade we campaigned hard to achieve new marine legislation to protect our seas. Now Government is threatening to scrap those laws, leaving marine wildlife at risk. But you can help protect the laws that we need, by adding your voice to the discussion.

As part of the “Red Tape Challenge” process (designed to cut down on bureaucracy) Government are asking for views on which Marine regulations should be kept and which should be scrapped.

They have listed 174 separate pieces of marine legislation online for review. It’s mostly obscure (but potentially useful!) bits of fisheries legislation, but to our horror, the list includes vital laws like the Marine & Coastal Access Act for which we campaigned so hard, for so long. Having fought to get the Marine & Coastal Access Act in 2009, it seems madness that its very existence is up for review already, before implementation is fully underway (hang on a minute Government, we haven’t even got our Marine Protected Areas yet!)

The deadline for input is after the Easter weekend, so if you have a spare moment before the 12 April, please do visit the website and let Government know that you support good regulation, protection for marine wildlife, and in particular vital laws like the Marine & Coastal Access Act!

Thanks to Anthony Griffiths for the excellent photo