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  • Blog Post: Mass seabird mortality events in central Chile

    The last few months have seen several reports in local and international press of dead birds on beaches of central Chile. Specifically, a mass mortality of sea birds was recorded in May on the shores of the town of Rocas de Santo Domingo . The first reports mentioned some 2,000 dead seabirds within four...
  • Blog Post: Collaborating with the crew to refine bird-scaring lines

    For this blog I am posting on behalf of my friend and colleague Rodrigo Forselledo: Rodrigo wrote the following: As Sebastian is enjoying a short period in the UK, I have taken on his ATF duties in Uruguay. On my first pelagic longline trip I started testing the new design of the bird-scaring...
  • Blog Post: Southern Brazil and Uruguay, a sea of similarities

    Last month I returned from my most recent trip, this time aboard on the FV Maria , the same longliner that I had worked with last winter. We spent 19 days at sea and conducted 15 longline sets. In order to minimize seabird interactions all these sets were performed with a tori line deployed and were...
  • Blog Post: Modifications to Uruguayan bird-scaring lines

    The streamer line, also known as a bird-scaring or tori line is a mitigation measure that reduces seabird bycatch in longline fisheries. It is recommended that they be used in combination with night setting and line weighting. The efficiency of streamer lines has been demonstrated by our team in the...