Big Garden Birdwatch 2014!

Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch
Big Garden Birdwatch is the world's biggest wildlife survey. It's fun, easy and only takes an hour to do.
Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch 2014!

  • Register for Big Garden Birdwatch 2014!

    • Big Garden Birdwatch 2014 is taking place over 25-26 January.  Last year an incredible 589,000 people took part in the Birdwatch, submitting records from almost 300,000 gardens and parks! 
    • Register now to receive your free guide and £5 RSPB shop discount.  You’ll also get an email reminder just before the weekend itself so you don’t forget to take part!  (NB you don’t have to register to take part in the Birdwatch)
    • This year, we've made it even easier for you to send in your results – using our new online bird counter, you can simply record the birds as you see them (even on a tablet or smartphone!).  The bird counter will be live on the Big Garden Birdwatch website over the Birdwatch weekend.  
    • Alternatively, if you simply want to input your results online after taking part, this option is still available.  And of course you can still send us your results by post if you prefer. 
    • This year, we are also asking you to tell us about other garden wildlife species, such as badgers, hedgehogs and frogs.  We’re not expecting you to see these creatures in your hour watching, but we’d like to know if any of them visit your garden, and if so, how often.  We’ll be sharing these results with our conservation partners, including People’s Trust for Endangered Species and Amphibian and Reptile Conservation.

  • Hi Ben,   I'm already registered and raring to go  !!   stock-piling freshly made raw pastry and off to the seed/nut store in a couple of days to get new supplies   lol

  • I am being sent to Beijing with work that weekend... Can I do an hour on the 28th instead?

  • Not a problem at all John R.

  • Great stuff Hazy!

  • I will be stock piling for our birds.  I tried the recipe in the magazine last week, and the starlings loved the lard/seed mix.

  • hi ben,we have got fully stocked up as allways,the female woody is already showing her face so that's good news.looking forward to the bird count again.

  • I have at least two Song Thrushes and two Redwings in my garden and see them often. What if I don't see them on the day? They're both on the Red List so it's important you know they're around. I also have Long-Tailed Tits but they're shy and I usually see them only when it's very cold.

  • Sounds good everyone, lets hope for an interesting weekend!

  • Hi Rosie,

    With statistical analysis the time period is important as, when you consider the number of participants, the actual rarity of the birds you see will be taken into account.

    For example, house sparrows may be common, so a greater percentage of participants will see them. However a woodpecker should be less common and less recordings will be made in the 1 hour period.

    Also birds move around thus counting the number you've ever seen in your garden does not give a fair indication of how many birds there actually are.

    I hope this makes sense, sorry my explanation is a bit poor!

  • Hi Everyone.

    I have taken part in the BGBW for the past two years. One of my greatest pleasures is watching the different birds that visit the feeders in my garden. I work in a primary school (teaching assistant) and last year I had a casual discussion about birds with a class of Year 2 children and I was surprised how many of them were interested, or became interested after I told them about the RSPB and the BGBW.

    So this year I thought I would get even more children involved, early enough for them to get organised before the survey takes place ie. start putting food out for ten days or so before next weekend so that they are more likely to get a bit more "traffic".

    I did a short assembly in front of 180 children, with little video clips of different garden birds, information about feeding and the importance of continuing feeding in winter once you've started, and things like that. They each took home a letter explaining all this to the parents with the internet link to the Big Garden Bird Watch so I'm hoping you will have a bigger response than ever from the Reading area next weekend!

    Everywhere I go around my school children are excitedly telling me that their parents are buying seed or about a particular bird they've seen. It's brilliant!


  • Thanks for this Alan, I didn't know the birds like this so much. I will make some today and try it out. I could have a go with my class perhaps this week, dependent on timetabling! Can you tell me, if we make this, do we have to keep it moist or can it be allowed to dry out before the children get it home?

    Many thanks for the suggestion.


  • Hi,

    I want to use the form I have been sent in the post instead of filling the info in online as I can get a badge when I give a donation with that.... will the RSPB still know I have 'replied' and taken part if I use the postal method? .....

    Thanks :)

  • Thank you :)

    I have been collecting RSPB badges for a long time you see hence why I wanted to use the paper form they sent me lol!

    I have been getting a great variety of birds over the last couple of weeks; including a couple of garden patch ticks :D I just hope they will stick around for the count this weekend lol.

  • Hi Alan,

    Thanks for flagging this up, we've passed it on so hopefully can sort out any problems.

    Charlee - yes, results can definitely be sent in by post! If you already have an official form (one came in the latest magazine) then that's great! If you don't have a form then please let me know and I can post one out to you, send me your address to: