Register now for Big Garden Birdwatch 2013

Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch
Big Garden Birdwatch is the world's biggest wildlife survey. It's fun, easy and only takes an hour to do.
Big Garden Birdwatch

Register now for Big Garden Birdwatch 2013



    It may only be the 3 December but we're already gearing up for the next Big Garden Birdwatch, it's really not that far away!!!

    Registering now makes submitting your results in January quicker and easier plus when you register you'll get a £5 off discount code to use in the RSPB online shop!

    Once you have registered we will send you some reminder e-mails leading up to the big weekend to help you prepare and get the most out of your Birdwatch hour.

    Go to to register. 

    We want to make this years survey bigger and better than ever before, so tell your friends, family and neighbours as well!

  • Thank you, Ian.  I've now registered.

  • I've also registered.

  • Done.

  • Done

  • Done, hope my bramblings are back by then

  • I have also registered

  • I'm in again !!

  • My name is on the list.

  • Yes, registered too :)

  • Well done mina. I do hope you enjoy doing your count in January!

  • I have also registered, looking forward to that :)

  • Joined today and looking forward to it.

  • I've registered and hope there's something somewhere that explains what I need to do and how to submit the information etc.

    I'm not seeing that on the web site?

  • As far as i can remember northernlass another link opens up on the day or shortly after it starts allowing you to submit results :)