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Big Garden Birdwatch
Big Garden Birdwatch is the world's biggest wildlife survey. It's fun, easy and only takes an hour to do.
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  • Forum Thread: Why no 'no food' option in BGBW?

    My mother does not put out any bird food., Entering data from her BGBW, I was given the choice of multiple foods, none of which applied. At the end, I am told this question was 'unanswered', did I want to change the details. Thinking I had missed an option I went to change the details, but...
  • Forum Thread: where have all the berries gone?

    Two days before BGBW there were 42 thrushes taking all the berries from one tree in the garden, and several smaller bushes growing against the wall.When the big day arrived there was hardly a berry to be seen anywhere so inevitably no birds, oh well !
  • Forum Thread: One hour: does it have to be contiguous?

    Does our hour of watching for BGBW have to be contiguous? Or can we have two half hours, or even four quarters with some gaps?
  • Forum Reply: Re: BGBW

    This is my first birdwatch survey - it was good to actually sit down for an hour with the focus on the birds. I haven't been in this house for long either. It's near a stream and I was hoping to see the moorhens again but no luck. Maybe they only come in the garden looking for food when it's...
  • Forum Thread: BGBW

    Blackbird Bluetit Crow Chaffinch Coal tit Great Tit Greenfinch House sparrow Hedge Sparrow Robin Thrush Mistle Thrush Wren Pheasant
  • Forum Thread: lack of wild bird sightings

    We also live facing open farmed countryside . We thought that when moving here 5 years ago the area would provide us with views of many wild birds, but this has proved to be the opposite. In the city of Nottingham the gardens have wild birds, foxes and even squirrels. Here we don't see any sparrows...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Complete this statement... 'When I do Big Garden Birdwatch, I hope to see...'

    Yeah! A few long-tailed tits but the moorhens kept away today.
  • Forum Thread: Two by two

    What struck me about my Big Garden Bird Watch in Cambridge this morning was that most birds arrived in twos. Two great tits, two blue tits, two dunnocks, twice two collard doves, and even the single coal tit was joined by another just five minutes after the hour cut off! Less encouraging where...
  • Forum Thread: Siskins in the BGBW today

    Hello everyone What a fantastic afternoon I have had today compared to yesterday. Our garden has been buzzing with activity. The birds came at regular intervals to gorge on the seeds and fat balls that we had placed outside for them. Perhaps it was the cold weather that made them more hungry than...
  • Forum Thread: My first BGBW in my garden in Essex

    Have seen greenfinches in the past and at times we have many collared doves sitting on top of the pergola over the pond (sometimes mating). Do at times get quite a lot of sparrows too but this was what I recorded today 29th January 2012 between 11.30am and 12.30pm Blackbirds 2 Starlings 12 Woodpigeon...
  • Forum Thread: Hawfinch

    I know the photo isn't brilliant, but 5 species of finch in one shot was quite good? (Hawfinch, Greenfinch, Bullfinch, Brambling and Chaffinch). Some of our regular species did not turn up, but we still had 26 species in an hour this morning. The female Hawfinch arrived yesterday.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Results of Big Garden Birdwatch Survey for 29/01/12

    Thanks Cas, looks like a productive hour! Have you submitted these via the online form? If not, click here to get started.
  • Forum Thread: Kestrel

    I usually do my Big Garden Birdwatch on Sunday, but this year, I chose to do the same hour on both days. On the Saturday, most of my daily visitors came (excluding my robin and the coal tits), plus less frequently spotted goldfinches, wrens, reed buntings and long tailed tits. I was just about to finish...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Survey - update identification of bird listed in comments

    Hi June Once the survey is submitted online then that is that, it cannot be amended, the same applies if you have already posted your survey form. Never mind, the survey has a big enough participation to account for any small errors or ommissions. With regards to deterring squirrels using stuff...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Is the Big Garden Birdwatch a waste of our time?

    I'm no survey design expert (which gives me a nicely uncluttered perspective) but I can't see what exact location and time would add. This is a random sample survey as anyone in the UK can pitch in with data and, as such, provides a comfortably hefty sample size when applied to the UK as a whole...
  • Forum Thread: BGBW Redpolls

    We did our BGBW this morning and were thrilled when a redpoll turned up. We first saw these birds last Saturday when we had four of them in the garden feeding on the niger seeds.Since then one has been coming on its own along with all the other finches.We have lived here for over 25 years(Farnborough...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Did anyone manage to get any pictures during BGBW?

    This was a surprise visitor during my hour of birdwatching. Haven't seen a redwing since December but this just showed up for 5 minutes high up in this tree towards the end of the hour.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Species Count

    Well it was my first year but I saw 15 different species which is a record for me to see in one hour. Blackbird Blackcap * Blue Tit Bullfinch * Coal Tit Dunnock Goldcrest * Goldfinch Great Tit Greenfinch Magpie Redwing * Startling Wood pigeon Wren ...
  • Forum Thread: Why is it that only some birds are counted in the BGBW?

    I thought the RSPB would be interested in all the birds that we saw. It seemed strange to be told, the birds that we put in the box at the bottom of the form would not be counted towards the BGBW. If you only count some birds there may be a decline or improvement in the ones that have not been included...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Missing birds

    i know what you mean, whether its because the birds found nicer food in other people's gardens or not i can't tell, but there were plenty of birds overhead, but only a few stopped to eat, i only had a female blackbird pop in, no males, and last year I had a sparrow or two arrive, but none this...
  • Forum Reply: Re: long tailed tits

    The skies cleared (and the cats did prowl) for my entire hour. I had four long-tailed tits visit my garden fat ball earlier in the week, but no sign of them--or much else actually--today. Like many on this forum, I'd no idea what the long-tailed tits were and had to look them up to identify them...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Bird watching

    Hi Everyone we are Linda and Kevin from South Wales. This is also our first time on the BIG GARDEN WATCH, and a neighbour of Maggies, who kindly brought it our attention.- Hi Maggie, Looking forward to counting some birds, but at the moment no littlies only medium and biggies so to speak as not much...
  • Forum Thread: First sightings

    Have lived in present terraced house in town centre with only a concrete back yard for 24 years. Today, doing BGBW, saw song thrush and 2 pied wagtails in garden for very first time. Did they know the BGBW was on?
  • Forum Thread: BGBW outside my garden

    I couldn't include them in my report as they weren't in my garden, but there's been a huge decline in jackdaws here this year. We have a nesting site across the road, usually with about 40 nests by egg laying time. Normally we'd see about 50 to 70 birds around in the evening in late January...
  • Forum Thread: BGB Results!?

    What were your results Mine were: 3 Blackbirds 1 Dunnock 4 House Sparrows 1 Feral Pigeon 14 Starlings! 2 Woodpigeons 1 Magpie and 1 Blue tit (5 minutes after the hour finished!) Very exciting isn't it..... Coal :(:(:(