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Big Garden Birdwatch
Big Garden Birdwatch is the world's biggest wildlife survey. It's fun, easy and only takes an hour to do.
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  • Media: Robin

    Taken during the Big Garden Bird Watch on the 26th January 2013. There were two Robins in the garden this year as well as a number of other birds.
  • Media: Unexpected Visitor

    There were a number of birds in our garden during the Big Garden Birdwatch on the 26th January 2013 and.... one Fox! Who came to eat some of the bread left out for the birds.
  • Media: Long Tailed Tit

    Taken in Guiseley during the 2013 Big Garden Bird watch
  • Media: Male Siskin

    Taken in Guiseley during the 2013 Big Garden Bird watch
  • Forum Thread: Little Egrets in the Garden

    These birds are occasionally seen in my garden in Christchurch, Dorset and last year one made a visit on my BGBW day. It did not appear in the final count as there was no tick-box for it. I do have a stream which runs through the garden and the fish are probably the reason for its presence. Are others...
  • Forum Thread: Why no 'no food' option in BGBW?

    My mother does not put out any bird food., Entering data from her BGBW, I was given the choice of multiple foods, none of which applied. At the end, I am told this question was 'unanswered', did I want to change the details. Thinking I had missed an option I went to change the details, but...
  • Forum Thread: where have all the berries gone?

    Two days before BGBW there were 42 thrushes taking all the berries from one tree in the garden, and several smaller bushes growing against the wall.When the big day arrived there was hardly a berry to be seen anywhere so inevitably no birds, oh well !
  • Forum Thread: One hour: does it have to be contiguous?

    Does our hour of watching for BGBW have to be contiguous? Or can we have two half hours, or even four quarters with some gaps?
  • Forum Reply: Re: BGBW

    This is my first birdwatch survey - it was good to actually sit down for an hour with the focus on the birds. I haven't been in this house for long either. It's near a stream and I was hoping to see the moorhens again but no luck. Maybe they only come in the garden looking for food when it's...
  • Forum Thread: BGBW

    Blackbird Bluetit Crow Chaffinch Coal tit Great Tit Greenfinch House sparrow Hedge Sparrow Robin Thrush Mistle Thrush Wren Pheasant
  • Forum Thread: lack of wild bird sightings

    We also live facing open farmed countryside . We thought that when moving here 5 years ago the area would provide us with views of many wild birds, but this has proved to be the opposite. In the city of Nottingham the gardens have wild birds, foxes and even squirrels. Here we don't see any sparrows...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Complete this statement... 'When I do Big Garden Birdwatch, I hope to see...'

    Yeah! A few long-tailed tits but the moorhens kept away today.
  • Forum Thread: Our star birds

    Very quiet this morning when we first went out to do our count and sure enough the sparrowhawk came through on his usual feeding run, he seems to target the blue tits and is always spot on, never misses. Also saw Greenfinches for the first time this morning, Bullfinch and Chaffinch and a Jay and the...
  • Forum Thread: how to do a group activity for big garden birdwatch?

    Hi! I'd like to do a group birdwatch in a local park, and I've seen references to group activities but what I can't seem to find out is how to record it, specifically how to avoid duplications? If we just do one set of results as a group, how do we avoid it turning into a situation where...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Starlings taking all feed from feeders

    Hi Angler - Starlings are incredibly opportunistic feeders and can find food just about anywhere - which makes one wonder why they are in such a steep decline. They need feeding, too, but do tend to scarf up what you put out before the other birds have had a chance. I have a couple of suggestions...
  • Forum Thread: BGBW

    Oh why could it not be the BGBW today? loads of birds all morning, I suppose I will be standing there in the window with my bins on Saturday or Sunday and the birds will all be noticable by their absence like last year ,do you think they know? I can just imagine them in the bushes having a giggle and...
  • Forum Thread: My very chilly morning!

    As I started work at 9am today i done my birdwatch this morning, between, 7.30 - 8.30am. So, hidden in my shed with a lovely boiling hot coffee, I got under way. I waited only a couple of minutes for a dunnock to scrurry from the hedge at the rear of my garden and forage about under were the seed...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Black redstart

    Wow lucky you: RSPB There is a good spring passage of black redstarts through the UK and Ireland and they can turn up anywhere, but particularly at the coast. On return passage in autumn, they can be relatively numerous in places like the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Back & Front Garden.

    Hi Culintg, the results produced form the BGBW are based on average counts per garden which gives us averages for the whole country. With over 400,000 results submitted a few duplicates wouldn't make a difference in skewing the results at all - it all irons out nicely. It is standard practice for...
  • Forum Thread: How do they interpret the results

    I have been doing the BGBW for a number of years and in common with many other posters feel that te birds are playing hide and seek with me! This year, we went from pub grub to gastropub food. We put out nyjer seeds, got someone to shell the sunflower seeds so that there were just hearts, bought some...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Birdwatch rules

    pjaj Whilst I agree with you if you interpret the rules strictly, but surely the real object of the exercise was to get a census of UK birds. The British Trust for Ornithology have an ongoing survey where you can create multiple sites (your garden, a park, on holiday etc.) and and upload your...
  • Forum Thread: Birdwatch: should we count birds in trees?

    We are counting birds in our garden for BGBW. Should we count birds that we see in trees or only ones on the ground?
  • Forum Thread: BGBW: waxwing jealousy!

    Hi all, I wanted to tell you all how jealous I am of my mum for seeing 15 waxwings in our garden! I told her that the Big Garden Birdwatch was happening this weekend and it would be great if she could take part since I was going to be away. We live in the middle of town and have never seen anything...
  • Forum Thread: Treecreeper

    We have a treecreeper that visits us most days but lately we have frequently seen it feeding on the ground. Any ideas why? Perhaps food is getting scarce on the treetrunks? I have not previously seen this behaviour.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Missing birds

    i know what you mean, whether its because the birds found nicer food in other people's gardens or not i can't tell, but there were plenty of birds overhead, but only a few stopped to eat, i only had a female blackbird pop in, no males, and last year I had a sparrow or two arrive, but none this...