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Big Garden Birdwatch is the world's biggest wildlife survey. It's fun, easy and only takes an hour to do.
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  • Forum Thread: lack of wild bird sightings

    We also live facing open farmed countryside . We thought that when moving here 5 years ago the area would provide us with views of many wild birds, but this has proved to be the opposite. In the city of Nottingham the gardens have wild birds, foxes and even squirrels. Here we don't see any sparrows...
  • Forum Thread: Garden Bird Watch - Robin is in charge

    The robin took charge of the new feeder and patrolled between feeders on 2 trees chasing away the blue tits and great tits. However when the long tailed tits arrived he did not chase them - are they too aggressive for him? I have a pheasant who also patrols the garden - another appeared last week but...