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There are loads of fun ways you can help nature with the RSPB... Share your experiences here.
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  • Phoenix

    Unusual camping spots for this year's Big Wild Sleepout

    Camping always makes me feel like I’m going on a big adventure! Whether I’m setting up for a back-garden sleepover, heading over to a music festival or going to a campsite, there’s nothing like spending time with family and friends in...
  • Giving Nature a Home in Northern Ireland

    Aghatirourke Ramble

    Having grown up in Fermanagh, I’ve been lucky enough to experience some of the county’s most special places – from the ancient stone carvings on White Island to the magical subterranean Marble Arch Caves. But until I came to work...
  • Saving special places

    Our man in Pitcairn - Day 6

    Our man (Andy Schofield) writes:- Adams’ Rock. Today I was lucky, the Pitcairner’s had offered me a fishing trip out on one of their longboats. I love to fish, ever since I was “knee high to a grasshopper” it’s been...
  • London

    Dawn Chorus

    Another guest blog. This time, artist and sound sculpturist Marcus Coates on his recent Brighton show exploring the interplay between bird song and people, now bound for London in 2016: My Dawn Chorus exhibition at Fabrica in Brighton has come down...
  • Phoenix

    Borrowed Wings - why do we love birds?

    Watching a House Martin Colony at Staithes, while bewildered coast-goers stare. . . Why am I watching a rock-face?? Although Britain is, in general, a nation of animal lovers, we have one extra quirky twist: we have an obsession with birds. But...