November, 2011


Bringing children and nature together


  • Nature's decorations

    Now the colder weather is upon us, and December is approaching, it's time to start thinking about Christmas!

    I'd love to hear what eco friendly Christmas decorations you make with your children - there's nothing quite like bringing the outdoors indoors at Christmas, and it would be lovely to share some crafty tips.

    Even tying up some simple holly (safely out of reach from little fingers of course) can make such a difference and bring some real festive cheer into your home.

    Perhaps you make your own Christmas paper, recycle your cards into gift tags, or make your decorations from popcorn or pinecones.

    Why not upload some photos onto our forum, so we can see what you have been making?

  • What are your Big Schools' Birdwatch plans?

    We'd love to hear what you are planning for your Big Schools' Birdwatch in January.

    The event is fast approaching now, and we're sending lots of packs out to schools who have registered. If you haven't registered yet, you can do so here.

    Maybe your class is going to build a bird hide, or perhaps you'll start feeding your birds early to ensure you have plenty of visitors on the day of your birdwatch. Perhaps you've developed a bird quiz, or you're going to extend the project by getting creative and producing a large scale bird collage with your students.

    Whatever you're planning, however big or small, we'd love to hear about it on our Big Schools' Birdwatch forum.

  • A Right of Childhood?

    Should all children be given the right to access – and enjoy – the countryside? Here is an interesting short article suggesting just that, as well as talking about the many benefits we all know this brings.

    However, while I am convinced that all children should have regular contact with nature, I am not sure that simply making this a right will ensure that it actually happens...

    What do you think, and what else will help the next generation stay connected to the natural environment?

    And if you are looking for ideas for discovering nature close to home – and how it is preparing for winter – why not join in our latest Wildsquare survey?