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Results for Big Schools' Birdwatch
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  • Media: Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School

    Showing some of the art work the children have been doing alongside their birdwatch.
  • Media: Bird feeders

    These seed and fat feeders were easily made by a Year 2 group with minimum supervision. There are plenty of other activities
  • Media: Drizzly birdwatch

    Don't let the rain out you off, there are still birds to be seen. Thanks to Wrestlingworth Primary school.
  • Media: Getting ready for the Big Schools' Birdwatch

    Gathering excitedly by the doors, binoculars at the ready! Thanks to Woolenwick Infant and Nursery school.
  • Media: Making albatross wings

    The children of Woolenwick Infant and Junior school making albatross wings.
  • Media: Big Schools' Birdwatch

    This was taken on an outing with Surrey Square Infants in Southwark, just off London's Old Kent Road. The class were filmed for the Teachers TV feature on running a school's birdwatch: http://www.teachers.tv/video/36639
  • Media: Enthusiatic birdwatchers

    It's a good idea to work in pairs or small groups to make sure you don't miss anything when doing your birdwatch. Thanks to Woolenwick Infant and Junior School.
  • Media: Camouflage is key

    It's a good idea to try to hide as much as possible and blend into your surroundings.... Thanks to the children of Woolenwick Infant and Junior school.
  • Media: Watch from your window

    If it is raining, why not watch from the window? You could always paint of print some leaves onto paper to put against the window. Remember to leave some peep holes! Thanks to the children of Wrestlingworth Primary School.