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Welcome to the Nature's Heroes group. Shout, inspire, chat or share - we don’t mind how you do it but please help us to create a world richer in wildlife by encouraging others to take small steps for nature.

Nature's Heroes - Blog

News and updates on our campaigning work and the exploits some of our top 'Nature's Heroes' from Steven (Head of Campaigns), Steph and Kim (Campaigns Officers).
  • Can you join us on Hen Harrier Day?

    Those of you who follow the bird of prey online community will no doubt have picked up news of Hen Harrier Day, this Sunday 10 August, and we thought that those of you who haven't yet heard about it might be keen to find out what you can do to support it.

    Hen Harrier Day is a day of awareness-raising and peaceful protest against the continued illegal persecution of birds of prey, in particular the many hundreds of ‘missing’ pairs of hen harriers peer-reviewed research suggests our upland landscapes could and should support were it not for this persecution. It’s organised by Birders Against Wildlife Crime and former RSPB Conservation Director Mark Avery, with the support and backing of several other wildlife groups, of whom the RSPB is of course one.

    So what can you do?

    1. Attend a Hen Harrier Day event
      You can find details of the Hen Harrier Day events on the Birders Against Wildlife Crime website (scroll down the page for details)

      But if you can’t make it to a Hen Harrier Day event, you can still become part of the action without even having to leave your home.

    2. Post your ‘We’re Missing our Hen Harriers’ selfie 
      Post a selfie with BAWC’s ‘We’re Missing our Hen Harriers’ poster

    3. Join the Thunderclap
      Help us make a big noise on social media by joining the Hen Harrier Day Thunderclap – join the thousands of people posting simultaneously about our missing hen harriers

    4. Pimp your Facebook and Twitter with the Hen Harrier Day Twibbon
      Click here and download your Hen Harrier Twibbon (an electronic ‘badge’ to use on your social media profile)

    5. Help get #HenHarrierDay trending
      If you’d like to show your support on Twitter please use the hashtag #HenHarrierDay when promoting or discussing Hen Harrier Day

    6. Wear a Hen Harrier Day T-shirt
      Be the envy of your friends with a Hen Harrier Day T-shirt, available to order here.

    Hope you can join us!

  • Protecting nature from fracking

    It may have caught your attention on Monday that the UK Government has announced it's response to the fracking consultation we asked our supporters to take part in earlier this year. Waking up on a Monday morning to hear that National Parks and other sensitive areas would not be fracked, I wanted to punch the air. Experience, however, has taught me not to get carried away at announcements like that until I know for sure the reality of what is behind them!

    I was right to be cautious, even those sites listed could be fracked in 'exceptional circumstances' and our most important protected sites for wildlife weren't mentioned at all. However, the tightening up of the guidance (which put special significance on National Parks, Areas of Natural Beauty, World Heritage Sites and the Broads) would not have come about at all if it wasn't for you bringing it to their attention how much we love and value our natural treasures.

    For more about what this announcement really means, and the RSPB's response to it, check out Martin Harper's blog here and Harry Huyton's blog here.

    Thanks again for all you have done and your continued support. This is a step in the right direction and it's all down to you. 



  • Strathy South: a victory - but it isn't over yet!

    We've had great news from Scotland for the Strathy South campaign to stop the inappropriate siting of a wind farm in the heart of the stunningly beautiful flow country, up in the far north of Scotland. The Highland council has voted (12 to 3) to object to the proposed wind farm. The campaign will continue as the final say rests with the Scottish Government, but we absolutely should celebrate this fantastic news.  Rather than me attempting to wax lyrical about the area and why this is all so important, I'll point you in the direction of Conservation Officer Kenny Graham's blog...

    Victory in Strathy South battle but the campaign continues