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Love volunteering? Here's your chance to connect with other volunteers who feel just like you. Or if you've not taken the plunge yet and have a question about getting involved as a volunteer, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: 3.6 billion seconds and rising!

    3.6 billion seconds a year, 61 million minutes a year count it how you like 2010/11 was a really great year for volunteering at the RSPB . Why? Because our volunteers gave the RSPB a gift of time of over 1 million hours. Yes you read that right, 1 million hours in one single year for the first time ever...
  • Blog Post: Calling All Champions

    Its been just over a year since the RSPB launched its Campaign Champions programme, which aims to mobilise people to step up, campaign and take action for wildlife. In this time over 200 people in over 130 constituencies have registered as campaigners to help support and protect the wildlife they love...