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Love volunteering? Here's your chance to connect with other volunteers who feel just like you. Or if you've not taken the plunge yet and have a question about getting involved as a volunteer, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: Tropical Forests - Getting involved internationally with the RSPB

    Tropical forests are home to 6 million species, including some of the world's most enigmatic and endangered wildlife. They provide food, water and medicines, and act as carbon stores to help in the fight against climate change. But tropical forests are in trouble. Every four seconds an area the...
  • Blog Post: The RSPB Wants YOU! - Professional & Specialist Volunteers

    In the current economic climate, people are looking to add to their CV, broaden their skills and experience and offer their “expertise” to charitable organisations. Why not challenge yourself and make new contacts too! So what do they do, who are these people? Someone just like you .....