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  • Rathlin Island - Residential Volunteering on N.Ireland's only inhabited island

    Residential Volunteering on Rathlin, Northern Ireland's only inhabited island is a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

    The sea stacks full of breeding birds including, puffins kittiwakes and guillemots along with the upside down West Lighthouse provide the backdrop for your stay. But that's only part of it, the whole island along with all its flora and fauna is waiting to be explored, and the chance to experience true island life will make your two weeks (or longer) truly memorable. 


    New for 2016

    Share in the discovery of life in the lighthouse with new  visitors on the Great Lighthouses of Ireland trail.

    This is the first and only lighthouse in Northern Ireland open daily for visitors to explore.

    Its history is unfolding, with stories being brought to us by family members, through photographs and memories.


    Last year was special  for frequent and spectacular sightings of pods of dolphins ( 20 -30 with young) passing below the lighthouse through the later months of the summer into autumn. We can anticipate the same for this year.


    Kittiwakes had best year for years last year - so we can hope for a bumper crop of babies again this year.

    Visitor facilities and welcome improved with tea, coffee and vended snacks.


    Our doors open to the public ready for Easter and our season goes through to the end of September so if you want to be part of the Rathlin Experience please contact us on 028207 60062 or email Jane.Shah@rspb.org.uk for full Residential Volunteering details

  • Pat Hart and the joys of volunteering at Rainham Marshes

    Pat Hart 

    Pat is one of the walk leaders here at Rainham Marshes. Pat shows visitors around the reserve telling them about the history, and sharing some of his fantastic wildlife knowledge too! Pat regularly takes visitors of all ages and abilities around the reserve, inspiring them about the work of the RSPB, the reserve and of course all of our fabulous wildlife. Pat has been volunteering here for just under 10 years – he started coming as a visitor to the reserve, attending the Wednesday Walks and eventually we talked him into helping out as he’s so good at talking to people!


    Pat said, “I like showing people round the reserve. I love that moment when I’m showing people wildlife, or telling them about the ecology of the reserve and they get it. That ‘ohhhh’ and ‘ahhhh’ is the best reaction!”


  • Ian Bloys describes the pleasures of volunteering at Rainham Marshes

    Ian Bloys 

    Ian has been volunteering here at Rainham for a number of years now. Ian helps out the wardens doing practical conservation work out on the reserve. We have a brilliant team of volunteers who help us keep the reserve fantastic for wildlife and for the people that visit it!  The team take part in conservation and estate work on the reserve which include varied tasks such as maintaining trails, fencing and gate repairs, equipment and machine servicing, track maintenance, electric fence upkeep and mowing/strimming vegetation.

    All of these tasks, and more are essential to help us manage this unique and important place for birds and people.



    Ian said, “one of the things that I really like about volunteering for the RSPB, here at Rainham Marshes, is that once I’m out on the reserve the rest of the world falls away. It’s a great way to forget about anything else that happening, and get stuck in helping to look after the reserve.”