We've just made a short video about Welsh marine life ( http://youtu.be/ASjbQdAwoMg) We hope to make some more video's over the coming months highlighting some of the amazing species in Welsh waters. 

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In July 2013 Alun Davies, Minister for Natural resources and the environment, in his announcement on MCZs mentioned the long awaited Special Protected Area (SPA) extensions. The extensions were agreed back in 2008 and we should finally get a formal consultation later this year.  But what do they extensions actually mean ?

I’m lucky enough to live by the sea. I try and get down (and in) as much as possible. Heading along with the family, swimming surfing - its great to have access to it. Its not too dissimilar a situation for our seabirds, they also live by the sea. Many of their breeding sites are protected as European sites (SPAs). But currently there is no protection for where they feed, rest, or socialise.

The proposed extension areas will provide some additional protection for seabirds, after all they don't just live on islands. The extensions are unlikely to alter current non-damaging activities, but will help ensure that future developments do not adversely impact important seabird colonies.

The extensions are likely to cover areas such as Grassholm, Ramsey, Skomer, Bardsey and Puffin island. Some really iconic locations across the Welsh coast - characterised by the amazing seabird colonies and wildlife they support.

So keep and eye out for further videos - and the consultation.