Being outdoors makes me happy - and I'm not alone. From beautiful beaches to bluebell woods, it's hard not to smile and enjoy being in places so full of treasure they can imprint on you for life.

I look after Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff; a project busy inspiring thousands of children and their families across Cardiff to spend more time outdoors enjoying the wildlife in their local parks, greenspaces, school grounds and gardens.

The RSPB's mission is to create a world richer in nature. This is especially poignant in Wales where only 1 in 8 children have a meaningful connection with nature - the lowest proportion of any UK nation or region. Nearly 15% of children in Wales also live in severe poverty with regards to education, health, intellectual access, opportunity and experience.  There is nowhere else in the UK, outside of London, where so many children are living below the breadline of access and experience.

Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff provides thousands of children with unique and memorable experiences to help them develop a lasting relationship with nature and their local greenspace. These opportunities are provided through our free outreach sessions for all primary schools in Cardiff and free events and activities for families in parks and greenspaces, including a truly unique event in Bute Park last summer called TAPE.

 We want to continue inspiring children to spend more time outdoors with nature for the enormous benefits it can provide for children’s health and well-being, and for the essential benefits it can bring to nature. Over 60% of previously common UK species have declined in the last 50 years, from birds to bugs and butterflies. Nature desperately needs our help, but we can only do what we can in our lifetime. Nature's long-term future is in the hands of our children and their increasing disconnection with our natural world is arguably one of the greatest threats facing nature conservation.

To help us engage thousands more children with nature we're currently seeking funding to continue our work, but we need your help. Please spare a minute to complete the survey below to show your support and help us shape the future of Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff, to ensure it continues to make a difference to communities and wildlife across the city.

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 A huge and sincere thank you in advance for your support