We love Wales!

We love Wales!

We love Wales!
Croeso! If you love all things Welsh and wild then this is the group for you. Here you can chat to other RSPB supporters, share your stories and tips, and post photos of wildlife and wild places.

We love Wales!

  • Guest Blog by Carolyn Robertson, Project Manager for Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff

    Being outdoors makes me happy - and I'm not alone. From beautiful beaches to bluebell woods, it's hard not to smile and enjoy being in places so full of treasure they can imprint on you for life.

    I look after Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff; a project busy inspiring thousands of children and their families across Cardiff to spend more time outdoors enjoying the wildlife in their local parks, greenspaces, school grounds and gardens.

    The RSPB's mission is to create a world richer in nature. This is especially poignant in Wales where only 1 in 8 children have a meaningful connection with nature - the lowest proportion of any UK nation or region. Nearly 15% of children in Wales also live in severe poverty with regards to education, health, intellectual access, opportunity and experience.  There is nowhere else in the UK, outside of London, where so many children are living below the breadline of access and experience.

    Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff provides thousands of children with unique and memorable experiences to help them develop a lasting relationship with nature and their local greenspace. These opportunities are provided through our free outreach sessions for all primary schools in Cardiff and free events and activities for families in parks and greenspaces, including a truly unique event in Bute Park last summer called TAPE.

     We want to continue inspiring children to spend more time outdoors with nature for the enormous benefits it can provide for children’s health and well-being, and for the essential benefits it can bring to nature. Over 60% of previously common UK species have declined in the last 50 years, from birds to bugs and butterflies. Nature desperately needs our help, but we can only do what we can in our lifetime. Nature's long-term future is in the hands of our children and their increasing disconnection with our natural world is arguably one of the greatest threats facing nature conservation.

    To help us engage thousands more children with nature we're currently seeking funding to continue our work, but we need your help. Please spare a minute to complete the survey below to show your support and help us shape the future of Giving Nature a Home in Cardiff, to ensure it continues to make a difference to communities and wildlife across the city.

    Survey for families and individuals click here  |  Survey for teachers click here

     A huge and sincere thank you in advance for your support

  • Grab a cuppa and start counting!

    To read this blog in Welsh please click here.

    This winter has been uncharacteristically warm; heaters have been turned down, any sign of frost has quickly turned to sleet and even snowdrops have made an early appearance by blooming in December.  However although the weather may be mild, our garden birds still need a helping hand to keep warm during these wet and windy months; and as we escape the downpour indoors, the RSPB is counting on you to provide us with important information about what’s living in your gardens, by taking part in the world’s biggest garden wildlife survey - all from the comforts of your own home.

    More people than ever before are being called upon to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, taking place on 30-31 January. Over 28,000 people took part in Wales last year. It’s an ideal opportunity to get the whole family involved, and it’s so easy! Simply put the kettle on, grab a biscuit and snuggle up together to count what you see in your garden. As well as counting our feathered friends, you can spot other wildlife which snuffles and settles in your home - such as the hedgehog, fox and slow worm. Whether you see a wealth of wildlife or nothing at all it doesn’t matter, as the RSPB would still like to hear from you. All this information helps to build a picture of how nature’s doing so that we can know how to help the wildlife which may be struggling.

    Over the last year adverse weather conditions have affected us all, with the most recent floods sadly forcing people to evacuate their homes. Unfortunately, this change in climate has also affected the number of birds we see in our gardens. Last year’s Big Garden Birdwatch found a decline in the number of finches, coal-tits and collared doves in Wales, with the breeding populations of starlings also falling dramatically by more than two thirds.

    Whilst putting out tasty treats for your birds is important, there are a number of other ways you can help. Birds need a wide range of plants to shelter and perch too, so they can make use of the feeders we provide in winter as well as the nectar-rich plants that attract insects in the summer. During this year’s birdwatch why not look at how the birds approach your feeders using the various trees, shrubs and bushes? Making your garden more nature-friendly is the best way you can help the birds and other wildlife that use it, and there are many simple things you can do to breathe new life into your garden. Visit our website for more ideas.

    So, how about joining the other 28,000 people in Wales and count the wildlife that’s counting on you? You can register to take part and find more information at www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch.

  • Ewch i nôl paned a dechreuwch gyfri!

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    Hyd yn hyn mae’r gaeaf wedi bod yn anarferol o gynnes; mae’r gwres wedi cael ei gostwng, mae unrhyw arwydd o rew wedi troi i eirlaw yn gyflym, ac mae eirlysiau hyd yn oed wedi ymddangos yn gynnar trwy flodeuo ym mis Rhagfyr. Fodd bynnag, er fod y tywydd yn fwyn mae adar yr ardd dal angen ein help i gadw'n gynnes yn ystod y misoedd gwyntog a gwlyb; ac wrth i ni ddianc dan do rhag y glaw, mae'r RSPB yn dibynnu arnoch chi i ddarparu gwybodaeth bwysig i ni ynglyn â'r hyn sy'n byw yn eich gerddi, drwy gymryd rhan yn arolwg bywyd gwyllt yr ardd mwyaf y byd – hynny oll tra’n ymlacio yn eich cartrefi.

    Mae gofyn i mwy o bobl nag erioed o’r blaen gymryd rhan yn Gwylio Adar yr Ardd yr RSPB, sy’n cael ei gynnal ar 30-31 Ionawr. Bu dros 28,000 o bobl yn rhan o’r digwyddiad flwyddyn diwethaf. Mae'n gyfle gwych i uno’r teulu cyfan, ac mae mor hawdd! Yn syml, rhowch y tegell ymlaen, ewch i nôl bisged ac ymunwch gyda’ch gilydd i gyfrif yr hyn rydych yn ei weld yn eich gerddi. Yn ogystal â chyfrif ein cyfeillion pluog, gallwch nodi mathau eraill o fywyd gwyllt sy’n setlo yn eich cartrefi - fel y draenog, llwynog a’r neidr ddefaid. Does dim ots os ydych chi’n gweld cyfoeth o fywyd gwyllt neu dim byd o gwbl, oherwydd mae’r RSPB dal yn awyddus i glywed gennych. Mae'r wybodaeth rydych chi’n eu gasglu yn helpu i greu darlun o sut mae byd natur yn goroesi, fel y gallwn wybod sut i helpu'r bywyd gwyllt sydd mewn trafferth.

    Dros y flwyddyn ddiwethaf mae’r tywydd gwael wedi cael effaith ar bob un ohonom, gyda’r llifogydd diweddaraf yn gorfodi pobl i adael eu cartrefi. Yn anffodus, mae'r newid yn yr hinsawdd hefyd wedi effeithio’r nifer o adar y gwelwn yn ein gerddi. Yn ystod Gwylio Adar yr Ardd y llynedd bu gostyngiad yn nifer y llinosiaid, titw-penddu a’r turtur dorchog yn Nghymru, gyda'r nifer o ddrudwennod sy’n paru hefyd yn gostwng yn ddifrifol o mwy na dwy draean.

    Tra'n bod hi’n bwysig i sicrhau fod gennych ddanteithion blasus ar gyfer eich adar, mae yna nifer o ffyrdd eraill y gallwch helpu. Mae adar angen amrywiaeth eang o blanhigion i gysgodi hefyd, fel eu bod yn gallu defnyddio’r offer bwydo rydym yn darparu yn y gaeaf, yn ogystal â'r planhigion ffrwythlon sy'n denu pryfed yn yr haf. Yn ystod Gwylio Adar yr Ardd eleni, beth am i chi wneud nodyn o’r adar ar eich bwydwyr a nodi sut meant yn defnyddio’r llwyni a’r coed amrywiol? Wrth i chi sicrhau fod eich gerddi yn hafan i fywyd gwyllt, rydych chi’n helpu'r adar a bywyd gwyllt arall i’w defnyddio, ac mae llawer o bethau syml y gallwch eu gwneud i roi newydd wedd i'ch gardd. Ewch i'n gwefan am ragor o syniadau.

    Felly, beth am i chi ymuno â'r 28,000 o bobl eraill yng Nghymru a chofnodi’r bywyd gwyllt sy'n dibynnu arnoch chi? Gallwch gofrestru i gymryd rhan a dod o hyd i fwy o wybodaeth yn www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch.