We love Wales!

We love Wales!
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  • Blog Post: Manx Shearwaters returning to Ramsey – Report from Ramsey Island Warden Greg Morgan

    Greg Morgan is Site Manager for Ramsey Island, his role also has responsibility for Grassholm Island, 8 miles off the Pembrokeshire coast. This is his 3 rd and final special blog on the seabirds of Ramsey and Grassholm and which species have been affected by the storms this winter. In my previous...
  • Blog Post: Grassholm's Gannets & Extending Protection Areas - special blog by Ramsey Island Warden Greg Morgan

    Greg Morgan is Warden on Ramsey Island, his role also has responsibility for Grassholm Island, 8 miles off the Pembrokeshire coast. In my last blog I wrote about the large number of dead seabirds (mainly razorbills, guillemots and puffins) which have been washing up across the Welsh beaches this winter...
  • Blog Post: Why are Welsh seabirds important?

    As I’m sure you know from reading our other blogs and watching our short video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3W4gQHDFXE ), that Welsh Government are currently proposing to extend the protected areas for some of our seabirds. But what you might not know is why our seabirds are so special...
  • Blog Post: Gareth Cunningham, Marine Policy Officer Explains Seabird Special Protected Area Maintenance Extensions

    What is this I hear you ask? Despite its long winded title, it’s simply a long awaited extension of protected areas around existing seabird colonies in Wales. You might hear people refer to them as SPA extensions. These colonies are the areas where our seabirds rest, forage and undertake mating...
  • Blog Post: Ramsey Island - more than just birds

    Last Saturday (24th August) we visited the RSPB Ramsey Island reserve with the children and staff from the Rhydyfelin section of the charity Valleys Kids . The weather held out and despite some windy conditions early on we made the boat trip across to the Island . Apart from giving everyone...
  • Blog Post: Minister announces a new approach to Welsh MCZs

    In April 2012 Welsh Government consulted on a proposal to designate 3 or 4 highly protected MCZs. This met with strong opposition, which resulted in the previous Environment Minister, John Griffiths, suspending the consultation and creating a new MCZ Stakeholder Focus Group. This group was formed to...
  • Blog Post: All At Sea (Part Two) – Sensational Sea Life

    Last week I blogged about the wonderful and truly spectacular colony of Gannets on Grassholm Island , off the coast of Pembrokeshire. This small rocky outcrop plays host to ten per cent of the breeding population each summer, and as such is a vitally important part of the species continued survival....
  • Media: Lisa counting auks, Ramsey Island

  • Media: Ramsey in snow

    Ramsey's old mill pond, covered in ice and snow , looking north towrads St Davids head. 21 December 2010
  • Media: Cattle in snow

    Seven Welsh Black cattle graze on Ramsey, helping to improve the habitat for chough and lapwing. In the snowy conditions just before Christmas, we gave them some hard food to see them through the cold snap.
  • Media: Ramsey Island 1931