Aberdeen Red Kite webcam now live online!

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Aberdeen Red Kites

Red kites are returning to Aberdeen - your chance to get closer to these magnificent birds of prey.

Aberdeen Red Kite webcam now live online!

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A couple of weeks ago we installed a camera on a local red kite nest and we've been enjoying watching the footage at VSA Easter Anguston.  Yesterday all the other parts of the jigsaw came together and we have footage online for the first time!  You can view the webcam here http://www.rspb.org.uk/ourwork/projects/details/274636-aberdeen-red-kite and I hope you enjoy.

The footage is live between 6am and 10pm every day and if its sometimes a bit jumpy is because we're using a line at the farm which isn't really designed for this sort of thing!  If there isn't a picure its most likely because the wind is causing problems with the transmitter.

Hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing about what everyone sees.

  • Jenny, I've just read the news of the webcam via twitter. How wonderful to watch them online =)

  • Thanks, Jenny. I had a look in yesterday - lovely to see the youngsters.

  • Forgot to say that to watch you need to press the play button on the black box.  Also, when its switched off over night you will see coloured bars.