Some good news from Central Asia…

One of the most recent conservation organisations to become a partner supporting international sociable lapwing conservation is BirdLife’s national affiliate, the Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds. During their first surveys for the species (made possible by the Species Champion Swarovski Optik), they made a remarkable discovery – more than 400 birds present at the Talimarzhan Reservoir in Kashkadarya Province, during their migration south.

To read more about this significant discovery, visit The Amazing Journey website.

…and some bad news from Europe…

The leading bird in a European project to develop a method to save the rare northern bald ibis was killed last weekend by hunters in Italy. Goja was on her way to wintering grounds in Tuscany when she was shot down.  Johannes Fritz from the University of Vienna has been hand-raising the birds and teaching them how to migrate from breeding areas north of the Alps in Germany and Austria to wintering grounds in Italy. 

Goja's fate is not unique.  Last autumn, the project lost up to 15 of 37 migrating birds to hunters in Italy. It is heartbreaking that at the same time as we are trying to secure more funding to extend the reintroduction project, illegal hunting continues to be a serious problem across southern Europe.

To read more about Goja, visit the Nature website, and find out about the RSPB's work on the northern bald ibis and latest tracking information here.