There's a definite chill in the air, there's fairy lights twinkling from house windows wherever you look, and our office looks like a tinsel bomb has gone off right in the middle. It can mean only one thing - Christmas is nearly here! It's the time for over eating, over spending and general over indulgence, but you can still step up and do your bit for the environment even during the festive season.

Here's our top 10 tips to a green Christmas:

1. If you haven’t bought your Christmas cards yet, make sure you look for the FSC logo on the back to ensure the paper has come from a sustainable source. Or alternatively why not send an e-card instead?

2.  When you’re heading out to do your Christmas shopping make sure you take your own shopping bags with you.

3. Don’t throw away the stamps off your Christmas cards. Send them to us and help raise money to protect amazing albatrosses.

4. When you’re heading to your Christmas parties, use public transport. It’s better for the environment and it means you can have a cheeky tipple too.

5. Make good use of those fab Christmas jumpers by wrapping up warm and turning the heating down by 1 degree to save energy.

6.  Where possible, use locally sourced food for your Christmas dinner. Not only does it have fewer carbon miles, but it tastes yummy too!

7. When you’re cooking your Christmas dinner make sure you use your saucepan lids. It means you don’t waste any energy when cooking your veg!

8. There’s bound to be plenty of leftovers, but don’t throw them away! Use what you can for meals later in the week and compost your veg peelings. (Love Food Hate Waste gives some great advice to help you waste as little food as possible.) Some bits of your Christmas dinner are even ok for your feathered garden friends. To find out which bits are safe for birds, click here.  
9.  Recycle your old Christmas cards and paper where possible. This year’s Christmas cards make brilliant gift tags for next year!

10. Turn your Christmas lights off at the wall when you’re not using them.