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Our work
You might be surprised to read that our work is far broader than nature reserves and Big Garden Birdwatch. Read more about what else we do.
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  • Blog Post: Why Meat Free Mondays are a must for food security and climate change

    Lucy Bjorck, RSPB Senior Agriculture Policy Officer Food security means different things to different people. To a subsistence farmer in a developing country it means producing enough food for their family for a year. For a low wage worker it means having cash to buy enough healthy food to feed the...
  • Blog Post: Turning a blind eye to illegal logging

    If I import a lorry load of stolen bicycles, successfully slipping them through border control and into the country, I could still get into a lot of trouble with the police for being in possession of stolen goods. And rightly so. For every stolen good there is a crime that has been committed and a victim...
  • Blog Post: Watch an RSPB climate campaigner in action

    As many of you will know, there have been for many years long and drawn out negotiations over a global deal on climate change to follow on from the Kyoto Protocol, which will expire next year. The RSPB has engaged with 2 key parts of these negotiations - getting a deal and funding to protect the world's...