Ghastly Ghostly Goings on at Lagan Valley Regional Park.   Join us for a spooky walk around one of the most haunted areas of the Lagan Valley Regional Park.  You will hear weird and wonderful stories of hair-raising haunted goings-on around Belvoir Park Forest, a site steeped in local mystery and legend.
And creatures that go screech in the night (if we're lucky we might hear a barn owl calling)   Meet at Belvoir Park Forest car park at 6.30pm Saturday October 30th - booking essential for this extra special one and a half hour guided walk.  For details, go to

A 'murder' of crows in the park after dark.

RSPB Feed The Birds Day.   Witches, vampires, ghosts and all those other creepy creatures not really your scene? Prefer friendlier flying friends?  Why not put out some food for the birds  and your garden will be a haunt for all sorts of colourful wee visitors.  

There will be events, activities and advice galore over this special weekend on how to keep birds well fed over the lean winter months.  In fact, without the food put out in gardens last winter, many birds would not have survived the extreme conditions.  

So watch this blog for more details on Feed The Birds Day and also go to  for more Feed The Birds Day news and information on the foods birds like best.  (HInt: you'll find bags of it at the RSPB headquarters shop in Belvoir Park).  Even learn how to make your own feeders from recycled plastic bottles and nutritious bird cakes - so easy!